We’re building a tradition that strengthens local economies, expands employment, nurtures a sense of community, and provides a more relaxed, fun, and rewarding shopping experience.

As customers, we collectively spend a large portion of our annual shopping budget between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31. Thank you for joining us in shifting those dollars to locally owned, independent businesses. By “going local” about 3 times more of your purchase will stay in your local economy compared to buying from a chain outlet.

The Shop Indie Local campaign engages local business organizations across the U.S. and Canada encouraging residents to take job creation and economic concerns into their own hands by strengthening their own local economies. This grassroots campaign provides a platform to highlight work done in communities across North America and provide open-source tools and resources to communities, organizations and small businesses.

Choosing local and independent is an effective strategy all year-round, but especially important during the holidays. This makes the holiday season a “make or break” time for many of your hometown retailers. Consider the overall value your independent retailers provide you, as well as the important civic and economic benefits they offer your community when making your shopping choices.

Annual surveys over the last five years by the Institute for Local Self Reliance show that places that “go local” do better. In the 2013 survey, independent businesses in communities with sustained “buy independent/buy local” campaign run by a local business/citizen alliance saw revenues grow 7.0% in 2012, compared to 2.3% for those in areas without an alliance. That’s triple the revenue growth.


How Local Alliances Help Small Businesses Thrive Year Round
For more than a decade, such businesses have been uniting through grassroots programs in towns and cities all across the country. They work together to help all locally owned, independent businesses in a community to thrive through direct assistance, public education and more.

A single merchant has limited ability to shift attitudes or consumer spending, but by building strength in numbers, we can create broad support for independent businesses locally and advocate for their interests.

The American Independent Business Alliance is a non- profit organization providing a wide array of tools, templates and support for independent business owners and advocates. AMIBA helps businesses and organizations implement buy local campaigns; organize group purchasing, marketing and other collaborative work; and advance policies that support community-rooted businesses rather than absentee-owned corporations.