The Louisville Independent Business Alliance is applying the Shift Your Shopping campaign idea to their annual holiday contest. Formerly called the Holiday Passport Contest, this year shoppers can enter to win $1,000 shopping spree by collecting receipts from 5 member businesses in the newly titled “Shift Your Shopping Contest.”

“Shopping locally is truly a gift to the community, as evidenced by our recent study showing how much money remains circulating in the Louisville area,” said Michael Jones of Highland Cleaners. “One of the reasons we changed the name from Holiday Passport to Shift Your Shopping Contest is that we want to make it clear what we are encouraging people to do, which in turn makes us a stronger city.”

The recent study of Louisville-area businesses that Michael refers to shows that for every $100 spent a locally-owned, independent business, $55 is reinvested locally, whereas only $14 is reinvested when that same money is spent at a national chain. (Civic Economics, Oct. 2012)

LIBA now has over 500 members, and considers them to be their biggest public education tool. “Our organization is very grass roots,” says Jennifer Rubenstein, Director of LIBA.

“We do our best to supply our members with the materials they need to get the ‘Buy Local’ message out.” Materials distributed to members free of charge include gift tags with a buy local message, Buy Local Guides that list all member businesses and include contest entries, posters about the Shift Your Shopping contest, as well as various signage denoting membership in LIBA.

Besides the obvious self-interest that is an incentive for businesses to promote the Buy Local message and Shift Your Shopping Contest, LIBA also will be a having a drawing among member employees for a $250 shopping spree. “We know it’s crazy on the front lines while people are doing their holiday shopping, so we are especially thankful to the employees on the front line taking time to let people know about our message. This is just a way to show our appreciation for that,” says Allison Delande, Program Administrator & Events Manager. The number of entries to the contest continue to grow – from almost 90 entries in 2008 to over 450 in 2011.